Youth baseball league

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OTM League rules ages 11 & 12

  1. First and third baselines shall be 70 feet.
  2. Pitching distance from the front of the rubber to the point at the rear of home plate is 50 feet.
  3. A regulation game consists of 6 innings with a time limit of one hour and 30 minutes. No inning shall start after time has expired, unless the game is tied. One extra inning will be played in the event of a tie game once the required number of innings has been played or the time limit has expired. The 10-run rule is in effect after completed innings beginning with the fourth (4) inning (3-1/2 if the home team is ahead) or more have been played, the last full inning will be the official score. Games suspended before they have become official games shall be resumed for the point of termination.
  4. Per inning run limit of 7 runs per an at bat will be recognized. 
  5. Each team will have continuous batting. The batting order may not be changed once the game has started. Late arrivals must be placed at the bottom of the batting order. No late arrival may enter the game after the completion of the first rotation of the batting order.
  6. If a player is injured or becomes ill during the play of a game, that players subsequent plate appearances count as an automatic out, unless both coaches agrees with the removal (then, no out will be recorded). Players who are unavailable for their plate appearance for other reasons (including but not limited to batting out of order) will be an automatic out, unless authorization from the league director is obtained and the opposing coach is notified prior to the game. Players ejected from a game will be counted as an automatic out at their subsequent plate appearances. A player’s ejection will carry a suspension from participation for a minimum of one game. All player ejections will be reported to the league director to determine suspension length. If a team begins the game with the game with 8 players, they must take an out each time the vacant 9th spot in the batting order comes up.
  7. Any runner shall be out if, in the sole judgment of the umpire, the runner intentionally makes contact with the fielder or unintentionally makes contact that impedes the fielder’s ability to make a play on the ball. This does not mean that a player is required to slide, although, a failure to slide is indicative of intentional contact. Any intentional contact to the fielder will result in an automatic out. Head first slides will result in an automatic out. Diving back to a base will not be called an out.
  8. The infield fly rule will be in effect.
  9. The catcher must wear a protective cup. The catcher must wear a mask with a throat protect at any time he is receiving pitches. Metal cleats are not allowed.
  10. Pitching will be governed by the chart below. We are not tracking weekly pitch counts due to the complexity of turning in pitch counts and documenting.  This is a gentleman’s agreement to abide by the pitch count per day rules and rest periods to protect kids arms.
  11. 3rd to 1st move will follow NFHS rules (legal if executed properly).

85 Pitches per day maximum
0 Days of rest required for 1-20 pitches
1 Day of rest required for 21-35 pitches
2 Days of rest required for 36-50 pitches
3 Days of rest required for 51-65 pitches
4 Days of rest required for 66-85 pitches