Youth baseball league

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Team Mom Duties

  • Administrative assistance to the coach: 
    • (Team phone list; Communicate with parents regarding schedule changes for practices and games)
  • Coordinate uniform pickup and distribution.
  • Secure a scorekeeper for home games and an announcer for away games.
  • Coordinate snack schedule if desired.
  • Coordinate "Dugout Duty" to assure that the dugouts and stands are cleaned up after your game.
  • Coordinate team pictures. It is suggested that you fill out basic information on all order envelopes and hold them until scheduled picture time). Attend photo session to assist with organization.
  • Assure coach evaluations are completed and turned in to the appropriate location.
  • Plan and coordinate team social events and end of the season party including trophies/plaques/etc.
  • Monogram caps at a minimal cost to the team.
  • Collect money and purchase coaches' gifts if desired.
  • It is imperative that team moms perform these duties in such a manner so that each head coach can focus on player and team development.  It is the goal of the Vestavia Hills Youth Baseball Association to ensure that each player and their parent or guardian enjoy a positive experience through their involvement with youth baseball.  Team moms plays a critical role in achieving this objective.


General Team Mom Guides

When the fields are closed, there are no practices or games on the fields (Infield OR Outfield).

If the fields are closed, batting cages will generally remain open.

Park staff will decide if the fields should be open or closed.  Weather line is 978-0220. The information is updated at

No play or practice when the park workers are working on the fields.

No one will be allowed on the fields prior to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday.

No unscheduled practices on the fields. (This includes Sunday mornings) Coaches may find alternate locations if they so choose.

Do not change practice times or game times without board approval. 

Last practice does not get extra time just  because they are the last practice.  Please do not ask the park employees to leave the lights on longer than scheduled.

Time will be built in on game days for remarking fields, raking mounds or batters' area.

Stay off the track for warm ups (Wald Park).

Coaches must keep the dugouts and stands clean.  "Dugout Duty" should be scheduled by the Team Mom.

Makeup games will be scheduled as quickly as possible IN GAME ORDER.  Please be patient.

Games always take priority over practices.  Watch for e-mails. It can get confusing if your team has a scheduled practice and makeup games are rescheduled at that time.

The League Director should be the coaches' first contact person for questions or information.  DO NOT CALL THE CIVIC CENTER.  Please adhere to the "chain of command" for efficiency.