Youth baseball league

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Vestavia Hills Youth Baseball (“VHYB”) shall publish its beginning and ending dates for each season.

For Ages 10 - 12 - VHYB will not hold regular season games on at least 2 weekends during the season. VHYB may host a tournament for 11 year olds on one of those weekends, and a tournament for 12 year olds on another weekend (player participation is optional). VHYB will work with Tournament Team coaches interested in playing outside tournaments to select the exact weekends to take off.

Pitching rules will apply to VHYB games (pitching on Tournament Teams outside VHYB will not be counted and it will be the responsibility of each parent or guardian to determine the appropriate participation in pitching activities for Tournament Team players). The VHYB pitch count rules shall be published by VHYB so that parents are aware of the rules. Registration will ask parents if a child plans to participate in play outside VHYB with a parental indication of willingness to pitch and or catch for purposes of VHYB play (this is to assist coaches in drafting of team).
Coaches on Tournament Teams must be NCSS certified. Tournament Teams shall register with VHYB by submitting their team rosters to VHYB by March 31st.

Tournament Team Practices & Games – Wednesday’s after 6, Saturdays after VHYB games (projected to be after 6) and Sunday’s after 6 will be available for registered Tournament Team use. Tournament Teams may also schedule LAST priority open field slots as available during the week. The last-priority slots and Wednesday's may be bumped by VHYB for rescheduling and makeup purposes. However, Saturday and Sunday evenings will be completely reserved for registered Tournament Team use. No Tournament Team practices are allowed prior to February 15th.
VHYB will have 100% exclusive use of baseball fields for kids 9 and under. For ages 10-12, fields will only be available for VHYB and registered Tournament Teams (with softball fields used exclusively for softball activities).
If a Tournament Team has less than 9 players on its team that participate in VHYB’s regular season, they will not be able to use Vestavia Hills facilities until after June 1st (then subject to last-priority slots and subject to field usage rules and cost).

VHYB will designate a Board member to be the principal contact for travel teams and will coordinate all practices and tournaments.


For Ages 13 -14 – VHYB will have priority for field space on Field 1. Any tournament teams can use available practice slots on Field 1 on as available basis. This age group is exempt from Tournament Team rules pertaining to VHYB participation, but a minimum of 80% of players must be Vestavia Hills residents.

At the discretion of the Board, Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation reserves the right to 1) allow exemptions for organizations that do not detract from Vestavia Hills recreational leagues or 2) allow field use to elite organizations not affiliated with Vestavia Hills which provide significant economic impact to the City.