Youth baseball league

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Baseball Post-Season Agreement


The VHYB Board of Directors wants you to understand the league’s Post-Season philosophy and the commitment if your child is selected.

During the regular season, coaches are expected to play each player in every game and their focus is on developing and improving skills. During Post-Season, the best players are chosen to represent VHYB with a competitive team focused on winning. Post-Season teams advance in tournaments only by winning.  No player is guaranteed a specific amount of playing time in any game, but it is expected that every player will participate in every game.  Additionally, your son may not play his customary position(s) during Post-Season.  Before allowing your child to be nominated, please carefully consider whether your child and you can accept this philosophy.

Every VHYB player may register for a Post-Season play, but there is no guarantee he or she will be selected for a team. VHYB is not limited in the number of teams that can be entered in Post-Season tournaments and pool play games, but there is a limit to the number of players on any given team (usually 12 players). So, the number of teams are dependent upon the number of registrants and the ability to find coaches.

Developing a competitive Post-Season team requires a high level of commitment and dedication from players, parents, and coaches.  All players are required to attend all practices and games unless arrangements have been made prior to the post-season with the head coach, illness, or injury. Practices may be daily to prepare for games. Excused absences are at the discretion of the Post-Season head coach and league commissioner. Please be mindful of this before allowing your child to be nominated.

VHYB is an affiliate of Greater Birmingham Baseball Association (GBBA).  To be considered for the VHYB league Post-Season team, a player could only have participated and practiced with his or her GBBA-affiliated park team not with any other organized team during period of March 1st – May 15th of the current year.

Penalty: Player is declared ineligible for Post-Seasons and may not participate in GBBA Tournaments.

The additional 4 to 6 week Post-Season experience can be very rewarding and the highlight of a player’s summer, highlighted by quality baseball, skills improvement, and an opportunity for new friendships. However, not every child is ready for Post-Season, even if they have the necessary physical skills. Carefully consider the needs of your child and family before making such a commitment. If you wish your child to be considered for a VHYB Post-Season team, please indicate below that you have read, understand, and accept the requirements of the VHYB Post-Season teams. Unless approved by VHYB President and league commissioner, players will be declared ineligible for Post-Season the following year if they are selected and either (1) do not adhere to the VHYB Post-Season requirements; or (2) drop out during the Post-Season season.

My family and child will commit to the GBBA Post-Season experience.

We have read, understand, and accept the requirements for the VHYB league Post-Season teams. We also understand that our child will be expected to attend all practices, games, and activities of the Post-Season, and that our child is not guaranteed a specific amount of playing time in any game, but it is expected that our child will participate in every game.  We will adhere to VHYB league requirements if our child is selected to play on a Post-Season team.

We give permission for our child to be considered for VHYB Post-Seasons.