Youth baseball league

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Where are games played?

Games are played at Wald Park, Cahaba Heights, and Liberty Park. Current construction projects may alter these locations for 2019-2020.


When do practices take place?

Spring: In the preseason, there will be two practices per week. Once the season has begun, there will be one practice per week either on Sunday or during the week in the afternoon or evening.

Fall: There may be a weeknight practice for ages 6 and older.


When do games take place?

Spring: There are typically one to two games per week per team. One game will be held in the late afternoon or early evening usually on Mondays and Thursdays. The other game occurs on Saturday.

Fall: Games are held on Sunday afternoon for the most part beginning the Sunday after Labor Day. There may be an occasional game during the week depending on the number of teams and field availability. Saturday morning games are possible if originally scheduled games are rained out.


What other expenses can I expect?

The league provides a uniform (hat-Spring only and jersey).  Other expenses include pants, socks, cleats, bat, glove, trophy, and season end party. 


What about inclement weather?

Please check with Vestavia Parks and Recreation at You may also sign up for e-mail alerts at